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2018 Online Program Book
2018 was a great year for all of our contestants and winners in the Regency International Pageant.


On behalf of the entire staff, welcome to the 4th Annual Regency International Pageant. We are pleased to have contestants from all over the world joining us this year. As contestants, you will gain experience, friendships, and memories that will last a lifetime.

Regency International Pageant is an innovative organization that is changing the world for today’s women. Individuals who become part of Regency International’s events are in for a life changing experience as they gain valuable experience in confidence, poise, and grace in an increasingly competitive world. Regency International’s competitions are not a focus just on beauty. Rather, the competitions allow each woman and young girl the opportunity to grow and advance their personal and career goals, while acting as role models in the community.

Every Year at the International Pageant for Regency International we give part of the entry money of every ticket sold to spectators to our animal charities. This money we donate goes to help foster, feed, and provide medical care for these animals.

We know that only one contestant in each division will be crowned, but we hope each contestant will treasure her own personal victory that comes from her accomplishments. To each of our contestants…………Good wishes and best of luck!

Terri Dingle
International Director

13015 Golden Rainbow ♦ Cypress, Texas 77429 ♦ (832)721-4872
www.regencyinternationalpageant.com ♦ Email: regencyintrnationalpageant@gmail.com

JULY 21, 2018

Opening Number
Introductions of 2017 Titleholders
Contestant Introduction
Fashion Competition
Special Awards

JULY 22, 2018

Opening Number
Evening Gown Competition
Introduction of Judges
Final Walks 2017 International Titleholders
Crowning 2018 Titleholders
Photos of the Titleholders

Thank You for Being Part of our Evening.

Terri Dingle
International Director

13015 Golden Rainbow ♦ Cypress, Texas 77429 ♦ (832)721-4872
www.regencyinternationalpageant.com ♦ Email: regencyintrnationalpageant@gmail.com

Optional Awards

Achievement Award
This is a very special award given to a contestant, by the directors, for their outstanding work on a project they started or created in a community, charity, or group. If no one in the Contestants Division meets this requirement, the award is then awarded to the contestant that the Regency Pageant feels did an outstanding job on another event or events they did not create but were involved in.

Examples: Started a clothing drive for flood victims at their school, organized a food drive for a food bank, etc.

Community Service Award
This award is presented to the contestant who has the most use of her title to help with community and charity work via appearances and working as a volunteer for charities in her community. (Information obtained by the community service form)

Title Visibility Award
This award is presented to the contestant who has upheld the standards and image of the Regency International Pageant through the most use of her local title via appearances throughout her community. (Information obtained by the Title Visibility Form)

This is a traditional award voted on solely by the contestants and awarded to that contestant who most displayed that spirit of warmth and camaraderie to her fellow contestants.

Directors Award
This award is chosen by the director and pageant staff and is awarded to a local or State Director who has made a positive impression and has given his or her time to help contestants in their pageants reach their goals and dreams.

People’s Choice Award
Give to the Contestant in Each Division that has the most online Votes during the People Choice Online Contest.

Ad Sales
This award is given to the local titleholder who has generated the most sponsorship through ad sales

Marriage Award
The marriage longevity award is given to the contestant who has been married the longest

*Some awards may be given only to one contestant in the pageant.

Terri Dingle
International Director

13015 Golden Rainbow ♦ Cypress, Texas 77429 ♦ (832)721-4872
www.regencyinternationalpageant.com ♦ Email: regencyintrnationalpageant@gmail.com

Prize Packages
Regency International Pageant All International Titleholders
2018 International Prize List

• Regency International Custom Designed Rhinestone Crown
• Regency International Rhinestone Studded Banner
• Regency International Winners Plaque
• Bouquet of Roses
• Fabulous 6 Day Queens Cruise (travel to port & guest not included)
• Feature in National Ad Campaigns
• Feature in Print Ad Campaigns
• Official State pageant Emcee Opportunities (Jr Teen and Above)
• Official Royalty Photo Shoot
• $100 Gift Certificate from Whimsical Hair and Make-up
• Whimsical Hair and Make-up (Makeup Set, Jr Teen, and Up)
• Regency International Royalty Jacket
• Regency International Official Logo Wear
• Regency International make up bag
• Beautiful Necklace
• Pandora Bracelet
• Beautiful Jewelry Box
• Regency International Official Logo Phone Case
• Regency International Official Logo I.D. Case
• Autograph Cards Complements of Regency International
• Regency International Logo Car License Plate
• Personalized Webpage
• Beautiful Crown Pin
• Regency International Logo Swimwear Cover Up
• Regency International Logo Towel
• Two Page Feature Spread in the 2019 Regency International Program Book

Regency International Pageant All 1st runner-ups – Prizes
Will receive the title US Regency International (or another Title agreed upon with the International Office) and have their entry fee paid to the International Pageant in 2019. (travel and hotel costs not included)
Regency International Pageant all Contestants will receive.

  • Official Regency International Tote Bag and Tumbler
  • Official Regency International Sash Pin
  • Official Regency International 2017 Collector Pin
  • Official Regency International Bracelet
  • Official Regency International Bookmark
  • Official Regency International Candle
  • Official Regency International Title Sash
  • Kick Off and Awards Party – Dinner, Dessert Bar, Awards, and Games.
  • *Some prizes are not given until the end of Reign.
    Special Awards will be awarded in the Following areas:
    Photogenic, Ad Sales, People Choice, Marriage Award, Community Service.

Terri Dingle
International Director

13015 Golden Rainbow ♦ Cypress, Texas 77429 ♦ (832)721-4872
www.regencyinternationalpageant.com ♦ Email: regencyintrnationalpageant@gmail.com

AS FEBRUARY 18, 2018
Oklahoma and South Central Regency
(Double Crowning Pageant)
Oklahoma Title
(Must be a resident of Oklahoma)
South Central
(Open to all states)
March 3, 2018

Arkansas Regency International
Little Rock, AR
April 27-29, 2018

Regency International Pageant
Las Vegas, NV
July 19, 20, 21, and 22, 2018

We are looking for state directors for the 2018-2019 year.
Contact us at www.regencyinternationalpageant.com
Or at regencyinternationalpageant@gmail.com

Regency International Titleholders

Little Miss Regency International 2017

Georgia Thomas

Regency International Titleholders
Jr. Miss Regency International 2017

Maurielle Vargas

Regency International Titleholders

Jr. Teen Regency International 2017

Naia Torres


Regency International 2017 Titleholders
Teen Miss Regency International Pageant 2017

Nattie Dunn

Regency International Titleholders
Miss Regency International 2017

Jade Wade

Regency International Titleholders
Ms. Regency International 2017

Christy-Anne Lopez

Regency International Titleholders
Mrs. Regency International 2017

Jayne Bradshaw

Tiny Miss

Tiny Miss Texas

Karoline Molander

Tiny Miss Southern States

Fiona Bailey

Petite Miss

Petite Miss Texas

Emani Pacheco

Petite Miss Trinadad & Tobago

Tahirah Goddard

Petite Miss Lone Star

Addalyn Molander

Little Miss Pacific Paradise

Sabrie Pegeder

Little Miss

Little Miss New Mexico

Desitiny Saenz

Little Miss Oklahoma

Pazlye Coronel

Little Miss Hawaii

Thayleah Hall

Little Miss Texas

Emery Molander

Little Miss United Kingdom

Kayla Layzell

Little Miss US

Mariza Terese Supapo

Little Miss Trindiad and Tobago

Terrian Quash

Little Miss Bahamas

Tysha Johnson

Jr. Miss

Jr. Miss Bahamas

Kassiti Capron

Jr. Miss New York

Ashley Galvez

Jr. Miss Texas

Chelsea Hinson

Jr. Miss Wales

Jessica Williams

Jr. Teen

Jr. Teen Golden State

Marian Terese Supapo

Jr. Teen Ireland

Bethany Elias

Jr. Teen Lone Star

Rebekah Molander

Jr. Teen West Coast

Sabrina Zary

Jr. Teen Texas

Austynn Droddy

Jr Teen Trinidad and Tobago

Saschell Gumbs


Teen Miss Trinidad and Tobago

Chyanne Brown

Teen England

Kaziah Excell-Dunkley

Teen Lone Star

Shaun Rodgers

Teen Texas

Isabel Leiva

Teen United Kingdom

Chloe Eliman-Baker

Teen US

Mya Cobb

Teen Nigeria

Adeyemi Oyinlola

Teen Oklahoma

Brittany Laswell


Miss Trinidad and Tobago

Christelle Arthur

Miss Ireland

Ceri Elias

Miss Oklahoma

Sasha Shelton

Miss South Dakota

Cayla Daley

Miss Texas

Jasmyn George

Miss United Kingdom

Natalie Nason

Miss United Kingdom Natalie Nason


Ms. Africa

Mawata Kamara

Ms. Arkansas

Cassandra Lusk

Ms. Bahamas

Leah Williams

Ms. Grand Canyon State

Stephanie Stern

Ms. New York

Valerlya Bludova

Ms. Pacific Paradise

Malisa Pegeder

Ms. Singapore

Simran Kaur

Ms. Southern States

Regina Bailey

Ms. Texas

Deidra Angulo

Ms. United Kingdom

Aryana Vashisht


Mrs East Coast

Katherin Vermeille

Mrs. Arkansas

Jennifer Smith

Mrs. Charity United Kingdom

Bryony Brewin

Mrs. Hawaii

Serena Valdez

Mrs. Lone Star

Michelle Angulo Pacheco

Mrs. Nevada

Mayani Gray

Mrs. New Mexico

Amber Nichole

Mrs. Oklahoma

Alya Attaway Kelly

Mrs. South Central

Crystal White

Mrs. Texas

Megan Wells

Mrs. United Kingdom

Stacy Darlington

Mrs. West Coast

Lindsey LiCari-Antee


Classic Arkansas

Diann Blevins

Classic Nevada

Ellen Stokes

Classic South Central

Muriel Jones

Texas Classic

Susan Delano

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