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Our crown box shape and sizes have been produced exclusively for the RIO organization. Crown boxes are European Classic/Fashion/Luxury design, vintage style. The Crown Box is Handmade with a delicate 100% pure handmade manufacturing process. Handmade made Round, out of the following high-quality raw materials: Colorful Leather, Covered Decorative Wooden Crown Boxes with Handle MDF plywood,  Faux leather, Non-woven fabrics lining, and metal accessories.

Large Crown Case – Large Crown Box

Large Crown box – The Large Crown Box will fit a crown 11 and ½ inches tall, and 11 and ½ inches across.  Each box comes with an embroidery Queen Logo on each side of the crown box.  Each crown box come with a leather handle for easy carrying. Each case has silver latches and hinges.  Is shipped in a 12x12x12 box. 

It weighs 4 pounds 3 oz. 

Shipping is not included in the price and will be added to the invoice. 

Crown Boxes are available in the following colors:  Pink and Teal.


Order Your Large Crown Case by filling out this form, we will email you an invoice that includes your shipping costs. Once the invoice has been paid your crown case will ship. You can order more than one crown case at a time.

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